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2017-18 TVFR Grand Prix Race Series Standings - Women


Note: These standings are preliminary, pending the discovery of additional finishers or other scoring discrepancies.  They will be certified by the Grand Prix Director at the end of the season.  Please report any suspected errors to the Webmaster.  Scoring rules.

For each runner, the monthly Score and season-to-date Total are shown in bold.  To view the results for a specific race, click on the race number in the header under the month.

Linda Usher5801313150150151501515
Heather Welch45010100131370715015
Trista Brown44055130130141401212
Donna Antkowiak41014140151512012000
Amanda Ashley381351306650514014
Lori Muhr300151500015015000
Val Tomolonis300550141411011000
Robyn Bratica290551101101313000
Dawn Sullivan2306601212505000
Nancy Ryan220121200010010000
Kristen Legendre2001111000909000
Kate Carroll1900000050501414
Rose St. Pierre18055088505000
Joanna Lacman1705512012000000
Cheryl Asselin1605501111000000
Keely Mungeam1515015000000000
Emma Ronan1500000015015000
Amanda Connor1505501010000000
Kristy Phillips1505500000001010
Sarah Parks1400014014000000
Susan Spencer1400000014014000
Jody Brennan14099000505000
Jenna Palin1414014000000000
Linda Zavalick1300000000001313
Anne Carney1300000013013000
Jill Duhaime12000077505000
Talia Berkowitz12077000505000
Patricia Kelly1100000000001111
Tracy Sherman10055000505000
Kerrie McFeeters10055000505000
Jennifer Darling10055000505000
Elizabeth Burgos10000055505000
Jeanne Vumbaca9000099000000
Maura Dolan9000000000099
Sarah Roy8088000000000
Terri Powell8000000808000
Coleen Phillips6000000606000
Sherry Brown5055000000000
Jackie Kelley5000000505000
Susan Simmons5000000505000
Sherri Boulet5000000505000
Carolina Villarreal5055000000000
Carolynn Capparella5055000000000
Kelley Aubut5000055000000
Jillian Murphy5000000505000
Michelle Landry5000000505000
Tanya Haynes5000055000000
Elizabeth Reilly5000000505000
Karen Demeritt5055000000000
Jessica Miarecki5000000505000
Jennifer Heikkinen5055000000000
Stacy Young5055000000000