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TVFR Meeting Minutes - February 2, 2017

Attendees: John McCue, Annie Crowell, Laurie Turenne, Mark Capparella, John Parker, Rich Allen, Ron Walker, Kerrie McFeeters, Terri Powell, Robyn Bratica, Phil Crocker, Ross Anderson, Stephen Sullivan, Jill Duhaime, Gary Atlas, Luke Legendre, Kristen Legendre, Coleen Phillips, Matt Kellogg, Dan Davin, Dale Fingar, Val Tomolonis, Chris Kivior, Patrick McEnaney, Steve Pohnert, Rose Lewis.

General Comments: (Chris) Thank you Dan for your 2 years of service as President!

TVFR By-Laws: (Chris) The by-laws were written in December 2004, and so are a bit outdated.  In a separate e-mail, I will be sending out the current by-laws, some notes discussed at the meeting, and asking all members to review them and make suggestions.  We will put forth the proposed amendments at the March meeting and then vote on them at the April meeting.

A committee was also formed to review the current participation point system and how Boston numbers are chosen.  The group is being headed by John McCue. Jill, Dale, Dan, Terri, and Robyn will make up the committee.  Please e-mail John at so he can organize a meeting.

BTU 15K: (Matt) We are using Racewire for the first time.  So far 67 people have signed up online.  This is fewer then where we were last year at this time, however teams want to submit excel spreadsheets with race participants, so that will boost the numbers.  Early bird pricing is over.  Please get the word out and encourage your friends to sign up to run!

A meeting took place a few weeks ago to iron out captain assignments. The volunteer registration link is up.  You can chose where you want to volunteer.  So far we have 33 volunteers.  We need more volunteers at water stops and for road crew.

This year we will not be bringing individual crock pots of soup, but instead we will have 2 large outdoor pots.  Baked goods are still needed.

Soup Group: (Chris) Still going strong with between 20-35 attendees each week.  From here on out, funds will be given to the hosts and they will reimburse those making soup.

Membership Report: (Mark) We have 10 new members this month: Please welcome Allison, Keith, Ella, Alex and Andrew Maher of Millis, Amanda Connor of Medway, Steve Levandosky of Hopkinton, Barbara Coakley of Blackstone, Rose Lewis of Uxbridge, and Samantha Crotty of Mendon.

There were also 8 renewals in 7 families.

This brings us up to 393 members in 206 families, another all-time high!

Treasury Report: (Mike) The bank is in good shape.  There is $2,900 in the Larry Olsen Scholarship fund and $440 in the Martin Auti fund.

Incentive Reimbursement Program: (Mike) There is $187.50 left in race reimbursement for the quarter.

Self-Defense Program: (Val) In light of recent assaults on women, including one on the Milford bike trail, it is clear that being a woman runner is a disadvantage.  There are 2 local self-defense classes that both discuss how to prevent an attack as well as self-defense skills to use in case of attack.  One of the courses, RAD, has been offered through the Northbridge Police Department at no cost.  Kristen has a contact in the department and will see if they would be willing to provide a course to TVFR women.

Singlet Options: (Rich) We are running low on women's singlets and the current colors are no longer available.  The group agreed to print out women's singlets in azalea to offer a different color option.  It was agreed that at group events such as track meets, the entire team will agree on the color singlet to wear so everyone is "uniform."

The meeting ended in Road Tales!