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Race Results - Rawson Chaplin

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Date Race Location Length Time Pace Place Division Div Pl Comment
2018-01-06 Mayhem on the Mountain Cumming, GA 5.15M 45:04 8:45 17/196 M 55-59 2/13 Race #1 in the 8-race 2018 Dirty Spokes series - one very nice thing about GA is the 12-month trail racing season. This one was very cold though, low 20s, well below normal for January mornings. Foot is better but not 100%; hope it is soon so I can get back to the hard workouts that will get me my speed back!
2017-12-02 XTERRA Mt Tabor Park Dallas, GA 8M 1:04:53 8:07 15/91 M 55-59 1/5 Slow pace today, partly because this course must hold the world record for most hairpin turns per mile, but perhaps more because a sore back prevented me from doing any hard workouts in the past 3 weeks. My back was okay today, but my left foot was very sore, proving that I am officially old - if it's not one ache, it's another!
2017-11-11 XTERRA Little Mulberry Park Dacula, GA 10K 46:05 7:25 16/146 M 55-59 1/5 A chilly morning in Georgia! Not by MA standards, but 42 is COLD when you're used to much warmer. Little Mulberry is a gorgeous venue with grass and woods trails, but extremely hilly. The twisting, rooted, mountainous descent in the 3rd mile, combined with the cool air, was too much for my lower back, which suddenly felt 30 years older. I was able to hang on today, but I'm thinking that getting out of bed tomorrow morning will not be easy. Ouch!
2017-10-28 XTERRA Battle at Big Creek Roswell, GA 10.3M 1:19:49 7:45 16/134 M 55-59 1/5 Big Creek Trails is a fairly small city park that provides miles of trails by packing them in like intestines (read: hairpin turns). Trails are hilly (steep but not long) with roots and rocks, many loose. There's simply no way to get into a good rhythm on this course; it's all accelerating and decelerating. But hey, at least I avoided the yellow jacket attack - many runners were stung multiple times!
2017-10-14 XTERRA Fort Yargo Winder, GA 8.75M 1:06:12 7:34 11/131 M 55-59 1/8 Race #2 in the 8-race 2017-18 XTERRA Georgia series. A pretty good race for me, but the hills in the last 2 miles revealed the truth - my strength is not all I would like it to be.
2017-09-23 XTERRA Harbins Park Dacula, GA 5.3M 38:51 7:20 11/117 M 55-59 3/8 Tough competition in my division today, but this was a pretty good race for me, as I was only 1:37 behind the second place overall finisher. Need to do more hill sprints!
2017-08-12 Dirty Spokes Allatoona Creek Acworth, GA 8.75M 1:05:43 7:31 14/153 M 55-59 1/11 Part of the fun of Dirty Spokes races is seeing the latest T-shirt. Today's message: "Give Blood - Run Trails." Very appropriate. By the way, Dirty Spokes isn't necessarily a cult, but there are a few people who run with Dirty Spokes tattoos on their calves. Eat, sleep, train, compete, repeat!
2017-07-29 Dirty Spokes Red Top Roaster Cartersville, GA 9.9M 1:20:43 8:09 14/195 M 55-59 1/14 Challenging course through scenic Red Top Mountain State Park. My longest race since '04, and I definitely felt it late - I could barely stay on my feet. Well... actually, I didn't. With 0.2 miles to go, I somehow managed to trip on even ground. Luckily, I landed on fairly soft dirt, and there was no damage except for a few more scrapes and bruises for my collection. Meanwhile, my fitness continue to improve, as measured by comparing my times to the other regular Dirty Spokes runners.
2017-07-15 Dirty Spokes Sawnee Mountain Cumming, GA 4M 32:07 8:02 17/284 M 55-59 1/18 Up to the summit of Sawnee Mountain and back on rocky trails. Saw several bloody knees after the race, thankfully not mine, although I've fallen several times while training on this course. Elated to be within a minute of my 2015 time; it's been a long, slow recovery from my 2016 knee injury, but I'm getting there!
2017-06-17 Dirty Spokes Haw Creek Cumming, GA 6.1M 45:23 7:26 16/155 M 55-59 4/11 Fairly tough course: not too many roots and rocks, but lots of sharp turns and short but steep climbs and descents. Hard to tell how much I'm improving on these singular courses, but comparing my finishing time to other runners in the last Dirty Spokes race, I think I'm getting a little fitter.
2017-05-27 The Crusher Vineyard & Trail Race Cleveland, GA 6K 27:50 7:28 3/168 M 50-59 1/13 Went up to the north GA mountains for this one, and not surprisingly, it was a roller coaster of a course. But the scenery was stunning as we ran between the rows of grapes with Yonah Mountain looming above us.
2017-05-06 Quarry Crusher Run Norcross, GA 3.7M 28:53 7:48 7/535 M 55-59 1/24 600 feet down (over 1.85 miles) on a winding gravel road to the bottom of a quarry and 600 feet coming back up again. The most unusual race I've ever done and perhaps the most fun.
2017-04-08 Dirty Spokes UNG Gainesville, GA 5.3M 39:28 7:27 21/116 M 55-59 4/12 Fairly tough course. Not a lot of rocks and roots, but many very sharp turns and some short but steep ascents and descents... plus 3 fallen trees to navigate. My strength still needs a lot of work.
2017-04-01 Dirty Spokes Iron Hill Cartersville, GA 7.5M 54:03 7:12 22/166 M 55-59 3/12 Fitness slowly coming back, although big improvement in pace mostly due to this being a flatter and less technical course.
2017-03-11 Dirty Spokes Charleston Park Cumming, GA 6.1M 49:07 8:03 27/144 M 55-59 5/15 Moderately tough trail race. Hip finally feels normal again. Now to get some speed back!
2017-01-21 Mayhem on the Mountain Cumming, GA 5.15M 45:43 8:53 26/165 M 55-59 3/15 A sore hip limited my training for this race, and it showed. Hoping to get fully healthy again soon.
2016-12-03 Victoria Bryant State Park Royston, GA 10K 50:28 8:07 6/73 M 50+ 2/25 Brutal, roller coaster trail, rutted and rocky. Fun!
2016-10-29 XTERRA Battle at Big Creek Roswell, GA 5.5M 43:13 7:51 16/188 M 55-59 1/9 Twisty, windy trail race. First time racing since recovering from knee injury. Knee fine, but still have a lot of work to do to get back in top racing shape.
2016-01-16 Mayhem on the Mountain Cumming, GA 5.15M 42:18 8:13 8/196 M 50-59 2/30 very tough mountain trail race
2015-07-18 Dirty Spokes Sawnee Mountain Cumming, GA 4M 31:13 7:48 14/289 M 50-59 1/33 mountain trail race
2014-08-28 Woodland Trail Series Northbridge, MA 5M 33:31 6:42 8/92 M 50-59 2/7 trail race
2014-07-31 Woodland Trail Series Northbridge, MA 5M 34:33 6:55 9/95 M 50-59 1/8 trail race
2014-06-08 Great Lincoln Steeplechase Lincoln, MA 6.7M 50:04 7:28 14/69 M 50-59 2/10 trail race, high 80s
2014-06-01 Woodland Trail Series Northbridge, MA 5M 34:18 6:52 9/97 M 50-59 1/9 trail race
2014-05-04 Savage 5K Wellesley, MA 5K 19:25 6:15 8/274 M 50-59 2/29
2013-10-20 Flutie 5K Natick, MA 5K 19:44 6:21 12/722 M 50-59 3/47