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TVFR Event Sign-Up

USATF Grand Prix - CVS Downtown 5K - September 17th, 2017 11:00 AM

Event website

  • Attn USATF Members: Use discount code 17917 and enter team name: Tri-Valley Front Runners
  • Sign up here to be ensured of receiving participation credit!
  • Use club 168 on entry form.
  • If you'd like to carpool, please indicate the time you'd like to be back in the comment field.
  • Coordination for those wishing to carpool or stay overnight can be done through comments or through Facebook, should it get more complicated.

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    Important: If you sign up, but later discover you can't make it, please cancel here.  This way, other runners will know not to wait for you; plus you will not receive participation points you didn't earn.  Thanks!

    Signed up so far:      Refresh this list     (Click on column headers to sort.)

    Timestamp Name Status USATF Member Carpool Overnight Comment
     Jul 19, 8:14 pm   Ross Anderson   Yes   Yes   No   No   
     Jul 21, 1:21 pm   Terri Powell   Yes   Yes   No   No   
     Jul 22, 8:37 am   Mary Tyler   Yes   Yes   No   No  Ted is also signed up
     Jul 22, 9:35 pm   Mark Capparella   Yes   Yes   Yes   No  Happy to drive anyone from the area down for the day. Haven't run this race since its FIRST year (1990!). Looking forward to it!
     Jul 23, 10:58 am   Maura Bruns   Yes   No   Yes   No  need a ride to the race
     Jul 23, 5:14 pm   Anne Crowell   Yes   Yes   Yes   No  Don't have a time limit so return whenever
     Jul 26, 9:20 am   Kerrie McFeeters   Yes   No   Yes   No  I am USATF, just renewed
     Jul 26, 4:49 pm   Mike Nixon   Yes   Yes   No   No   
     Jul 28, 5:53 pm   Steven Pohnert   Yes   Yes   No   No   
     Aug 8, 9:20 am   John McCue   Yes   Yes   No   No   
     Aug 10, 12:22 pm   Philip Crocker   Yes   Yes   No   No   
     Aug 16, 8:21 am   Sarah Parks   Yes   Yes   No   No  I'm now USATF!
     Aug 17, 11:01 am   Donna Antkowiak   Yes   Yes   Yes   No  Flexible re: return time

    If your USATF membership status is incorrect, please email Rawson Chaplin.