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Frank Nealon Boston Tune-Up March 31, 2018 - Volunteer Sign-Up

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Timestamp Name Status Task Baked Good Comment
 Jan 13, 11:24 am   Don Palladini    B   Registration     Where I am needed. I am planning on running but that could change
 Jan 13, 11:26 am   Lara Allison    B/D   Sales Table      
 Jan 13, 12:02 pm   Anthony Landry    B/A   Cafeteria     Planning on running
 Jan 13, 2:41 pm   Sarah Parks   Food      Yes  Bringing food and I’ll be around for my social media duties
 Jan 13, 3:54 pm   Rob Liscombe    B/D/A   Road Crew      
 Jan 13, 5:58 pm   Cheryl Asselin    B/A   Registration   Yes  I'm running, but can help before and after
 Jan 13, 6:23 pm   Donna Antkowiak    B/A   Cafeteria   Yes  Willing to serve as a refreshment coordinator. Also running!
 Jan 13, 7:00 pm   Robyn Bratica    B/A   Registration   Yes  Planning on running
 Jan 14, 7:10 pm   Laurie Turenne    B/D/A   Cafeteria     anywhere you need (and my son Joey will also be available-please put us together :)
 Jan 15, 1:20 pm   Amanda Connor    B/D/A   Cafeteria     Soup Captain
 Jan 16, 6:10 am   Jeff Hattem    B   Parking     I plan to run and can help before.
 Jan 18, 7:29 pm   Dale Fingar    A   Cafeteria   Yes  Bagels
 Jan 19, 11:57 am   Kerrie McFeeters    B/D/A   Registration   Yes  Registration Captain
 Jan 20, 10:26 am   Gary Atlas    B/D/A   Road Crew   Yes  Starting line sound system for announcents & National Anthem. Finish line chute setup
 Jan 20, 4:41 pm   Amy-Sue Hasselbaum    B   Cafeteria   Yes  Can help with whatever before the race.
 Jan 20, 6:55 pm   Mark Capparella    B/A   Sales Table   Yes  Capt. Cappy on TVFR Membership / Swag Sales! (and going to try my best to run the race if possible)