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Woodland Trail Series 2017 - Volunteer Sign-Up

For questions, please contact Mike McMullin.

This event is now closed for sign-up.

Timestamp Name June July August Comment
Jun 11, 7:29 pm Laurie Turenne  B/D/A  B/D/A  B/D/A  
Jun 11, 8:29 pm Henning Smith  B/D/A  B/D/A  B/D/A  
Jun 12, 8:51 am Rose St. Pierre  B/D/A  B/A  B/D/A I may run the July one - although I am scared to death!
Jun 12, 1:55 pm John Parker  B/D/A  B/D/A  B/D/A  
Jun 19, 11:56 am Patrick McEnaney  B/D/A  B/D/A  B/D/A it depends on how quickly I can get out of work that will dictate how much before time I have
Jun 19, 5:46 pm John McCue    B/D/A  B/D/A  
Jun 20, 10:14 am Rich Victor  D/A     Happy to sweep after
Jun 26, 8:20 pm Dawn Palladini  B/D/A  B/D/A  B/D/A  
Jun 27, 5:09 pm Robyn Bratica  B/D  B/D  A Planning to run in August
Jul 2, 2:19 pm Amanda Connor    D/A  D/A Have to pick up my son at camp at 6. May only make it for after but did during just in case.
Jul 19, 10:09 am Joanna Lacman  B/D/A  B/D/A    
Jul 24, 3:30 pm Dale Fingar  A  A    
Aug 2, 4:17 pm Mark Capparella  B/D/A  B/D/A  B/A WATERMELON DUTY!!
Aug 6, 7:49 pm Amanda Ashley  D/A  B  B/A will bring chocolate chip cookies for the BBQ afterwards
Aug 7, 2:19 pm Carolina Villarreal      A  
Aug 8, 10:30 am Annie Crowell      B/A I'll bring brownies
Aug 8, 12:56 pm Donna Antkowiak  B  B  B Will bring a fruit salad
Aug 10, 12:26 pm Gary Atlas      B/D/A registration / timing / results / cups / rootbeer
Aug 12, 3:00 pm Kerrie McFeeters    B/A  B/A Chips
Aug 13, 7:04 pm Ross Anderson  B/A  B/A  B/A Will bring slaw
Aug 14, 11:45 am Coleen Phillips  A  A  A I will bring an orzo salad :)
Aug 20, 8:15 pm Terri Powell      B/A Bringing taboule, working apparel table
Aug 25, 1:15 pm Rose Lewis      B/A Will bring pasta salad and some kind of cookies
Aug 26, 5:34 pm Michael Triber      B/D/A  
Aug 27, 2:35 pm Paul Shanahan  B/D    B Black bean and corn salad
Aug 27, 3:06 pm Sandra Caproni      B/D Baked good
Aug 27, 3:13 pm Mike Nixon      B/D/A  
Aug 31, 10:03 am Cheryl Asselin      A Bringing some kind of pasta/potato salad