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Woodland Trail Series 2017 - Volunteer Sign-Up

For questions, please contact Mike McMullin.

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June 29 Race Before During After Select one or more times to volunteer
July 27 Race Before During After Select one or more times to volunteer
August 31 Race Before During After Select one or more times to volunteer

Note: Please indicate any food you can bring to the August post-race BBQ in the field above.

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Timestamp Name June July August Comment
Jun 11, 7:29 pm Laurie Turenne  B/D/A  B/D/A  B/D/A  
Jun 11, 8:29 pm Henning Smith  B/D/A  B/D/A  B/D/A  
Jun 12, 8:51 am Rose St. Pierre  B/D/A  B/A  B/D/A I may run the July one - although I am scared to death!
Jun 12, 12:11 pm Jill Duhaime    B/D/A  B/D  
Jun 12, 1:55 pm John Parker  B/D/A  B/D/A  B/D/A  
Jun 19, 11:56 am Patrick McEnaney  B/D/A  B/D/A  B/D/A it depends on how quickly I can get out of work that will dictate how much before time I have
Jun 19, 5:46 pm John McCue    B/D/A  B/D/A  
Jun 20, 10:14 am Rich Victor  D/A     Happy to sweep after
Jun 21, 9:46 am Paul Shanahan  B/D      
Jun 26, 8:20 pm Dawn Palladini  B/D/A  B/D/A  B/D/A  
Jun 27, 5:09 pm Robyn Bratica  B/D  B/D  A Planning to run in August
Jul 2, 2:19 pm Amanda Connor    D/A  D/A Have to pick up my son at camp at 6. May only make it for after but did during just in case.
Jul 2, 6:17 pm Maura Bruns    B/D/A  A  
Jul 19, 10:09 am Joanna Lacman  B/D/A  B/D/A    
Jul 24, 3:30 pm Dale Fingar  A  A    
Aug 1, 10:12 pm Rose Lewis      B/A also willing to bring food
Aug 2, 4:17 pm Mark Capparella  B/D/A  B/D/A  B/A WATERMELON DUTY!!
Aug 6, 7:49 pm Amanda Ashley  D/A  B  B/A will bring chocolate chip cookies for the BBQ afterwards
Aug 7, 2:19 pm Carolina Villarreal      A  
Aug 8, 10:30 am Anne Crowell      B/A I'll bring brownies
Aug 8, 12:56 pm Donna Antkowiak  B  B  B Will bring a fruit salad
Aug 10, 12:26 pm Gary Atlas      B/D/A registration / timing / results / cups / rootbeer
Aug 12, 3:00 pm Kerrie McFeeters    B/A  B/A Chips
Aug 13, 7:04 pm Ross Anderson  B/A  B/A  B/A Will bring slaw
Aug 14, 11:45 am Coleen Phillips  A  A  A I will bring an orzo salad :)
Aug 20, 8:15 pm Terri Powell      B/A Bringing taboule, working apparel table